The Science Of Love

Personal Development + Compatibility = Sustainable Relationships

Stop repeating toxic relationship cycles and identify your personal attachment style.

Let us assess the most compatible partner(s) for you, based on science.

Our methodology seeks to resolve current challenges in finding

The One.

Sustainable Relationships Begin Now


Personalized Matches

We go beyond algorithms to select matches based on evidence-based tools and empirical observation.


Custom Date Planning

Suggestions for date planning; curated for you, based on your personality & preferences.


Confidential Platform

Clinicians utilize a secure platform to store your personal information.

**We only accept candidates we believe we can match

What To Expect As an EDS Client

1. Meet your Clinician/Matchmaker:

Share your dating strengths, needs, abilities, and preferences.

2. Personal Development/Self Actualization:

Identify personal areas of need and establish individualized goals. Begin your journey through self-discovery and baggage resolution.

3. Graduation/Mixers/Dates:

Share feedback after each date and mixer, choose someone you feel most connected with, and let us do the rest.

4. Achieve Relationship Success:

You will have firsthand access to tools, private events, and relationship coaching, to ensure this is your most compatible relationship.

We will be here for you

every step of the way…

As an EDS member, your assigned clinician will be present and available from start to finish. Worry less as we support your entire journey to finding love.

Member Communication Specialist

As a member, you will have access to a member specialist who will assist you initially through the intake process. From there, they will be available, by phone and/or email, as needed.

Clinicians & Matchmakers

Gets to know you 1:1 before hand-selecting your matches. Assesses and assists you in personal development. Is available for date support, before and after, and the planning process. Your clinician will collect feedback after each mixer and date, to ensure the right compatibility and criteria for your next match.

Mental Health & Relationship Support

As an EDS member, you will get access to tools, resources, and advice, all to assist you in finding and building your new relationship. You will have access to our EDS library which will include videos and articles in several areas including: Law of Attraction, Do’s and Don’t’s of Dating and Relationships, Self-Love and Discovery, Trauma Bonds, Healthy vs. Unhealthy Relationships, Love Languages, and more.

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