How does this work?

You will go through a process of personal development and self analysis, following by being matched with individuals whom you are most scientifically compatible with.

What is a mixer?

A mixer is a fun virtual opportunity to flirt and get to know potential matches.

When do I get matched?

You will be matched once you have graduated from the personal development phase and into the matchmaking phase. The timeline is based on your individual needs and strengths.

How many matches do I get?

The number of matches you get are based on your chosen plan. Essential plan holders get 2 matches, while Enhanced plan holders get 3.

How much does it cost?

The cost is based on your needs and preferences. There are 2 different plans to choose from, of which you will not be bound to any contracts or additional fees.

How long do I receive services?

This is based on your level of investment in achieving your desired goals.

What if I'm not attracted to my match?

During your mixers you will have the opportunity to give feedback about your potential matches, which will include whom you had the most chemistry with. In addition, the plans offer various matches, based on your selected plan.

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