Our Mission

Our mission is to match people, using Evidence Based/Psychological assessments and empirical expertise. We are aiming to improve the foundation of romantic relationships and increase relationship sustainability in society.

Our Vision

For us: A sense of contribution
For our clients: Increased insight, “baggage resolution”, meeting Maslow’s love and belonging needs to increase self actualization

Our Goals

Our Goal is to improve the quality of relationships, with self and others. We intend to measure this using the Ongoing Relationship Satisfaction Meter (ORSM) and Quality of Life Scale (QOL).

Our Values

Our values are based on our resolute conviction that healthier individuals equals healthier relationships resulting in healthier families; thus, a healthier society.

Jennifer Reed

I am Jennifer Reed, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Matchmaker at Empirical Dating Solutions. I have over 10 years of successful experience in helping individuals improve the quality of their relationships. I specialize in areas such as Attachment Theory, Personality, Love Languages, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Trauma Bonding, and Human Needs. I have had the opportunity to counsel thousands of individuals who have reported greater satisfaction in their relationships, and overall quality of life.

I believe in giving people a safe place to be vulnerable and encouraging them to first learn to love themselves. I am passionate about human needs and understand that feeling fulfilled in love and belonging is essential in being self actualized. Our matchmaking process is 100 percent backed by proven scientific methods and evidenced based practices, which gives me the utmost confidence in our company’s success. I have personally found great benefit in implementing these measures in my own life and can testify that I am now happily married with two beautiful children.

Adriana Oberhausen

I am Adriana Oberhausen, a Mental Health Counselor and Accelerated Resolution Therapist. I believe that my cultural competency as a Latina, combined with my forensic experience and clinical training, is what makes me a well-rounded and mindful clinician, in my approach. I feel a moral obligation to utilize my skills and experience in order to improve the quality of life of the people I serve. My ultimate goal is to improve the mental health of our society by joining my clients in their journey to self discovery, leading them to healthy relationships.

Austen Uribe

I am Austen Uribe. I am a certified personal trainer who specializes in strength training and diet manipulation. I believe that establishing a good relationship with diet and routine exercise can increase almost every avenue of a person’s quality of life. I also believe that many people underestimate their true fitness capabilities and therefore, never see the potential they hold. I have experienced real world physical demands while stationed overseas in the military, along with experience in law enforcement.

Additionally, I have trained and maintained many long term clients as a CPT with Crunch fitness, and in my own personal company. I was awarded the Spurs while serving in the Army, which is a 48hr, 37 mile test of physical and mentally enduring events testing for leadership. I also hold a certificate from the National Association of Sports Medicine and an Associate’s Degree in Applied Science from Pima Medical Institute.